Wisdom tooth

I remember the feeling of my wisdom teeth coming through the gums and it wasn’t pleasant. It sort of felt good to rub the gums back there with my fingers, albeit it might have looked strange to someone else. I almost kind of wanted some sort device to “teeth” on. :teehee:

It made me have new appreciation for what babies go through when their teeth first come in and why they fuss so much. It also made me understand why they like to gum their teething rings so much. :biting:

Yeah, babies and teething…not to discount what babies go through but adult gums are tougher than baby gums too. My nephew lost his front teeth to a fireplace hearth when he was really small and having the permanent teeth come in was pure misery for him. My sympathy for anyone, whatever age, who is teething.

i was tempted to use the pure vanilla extract we have on my teeth cause that helped when i had to get my bottom 2 front teeth root canalled

I hope you’re feeling better. :muah:

feeling much better since the top of the tooth came fully out, i don’t feel it anymore so haha no dentist!

That’s great! :slight_smile:

I will take a temporary pill and then quickly go to the dentist