Wisdom tooth

How did/do you deal with the pain…?

You have my sympathy. Whoever called them wisdom teeth anyway?
The pain [I]is[/I] going to go away. I take whatever medicine the doctor suggested and remind myself how tough I am. And then I usually try and sleep it off.

Is the pain you described from the removal of them, or are they there and causing an unholy amount of trouble in your mouth?

If you haven’t had them out yet, make sure that you do. They will only cause more and more pain and suffering.

If its pain from the removal surgery, just bear with it for a little while longer. It should go away well within a week, a week and a half tops.

In fact, I don’t remember anything about the pain when they took mine out. All I remembered is that the pain medication they gave me made me loopy and dizzy as can be and nauseous to boot. I really hated that stuff, and stopped taking it only a couple of days after the surgery. It wasn’t worth it to me to be sick to my stomach all the time.

It’s just one causing me pain, i really don’t wanna deal with a surgery right now

Can you take ibuprofen? :frowning:

if we had some in the house i would, the pain is manageable right now though so meh

I had my two bottom ones out at different times. Still have the top two. I would recommend getting the surgery sometime this summer, especially since you’ll be going back to school in the fall (right?)

Really, having one out isn’t [U]generally[/U] that big of a deal, and for me, having a pain [I]just[/I] in my mouth for a few days (after surgery) was much better than a pain in my mouth, head, neck, [U]and[/U] back all at the same time (caused from the tooth itself).

Of course, you or your parents will have to make the call about when it’s time. I agree with others, though: Don’t let it go on for too long; it’s just not worth it!

the problem is i’ve never been heavily sedated, and idk how it would affect me with my unique blood and mental chemistry. I am thankfully on summer now and i’ll still be doing senior year next year and a few college courses

You don’t have to be heavily sedated. They can do a local, which is what I had done. In fact, I [U]had[/U] to have a local because at the time, there was no one to drive me home. You should ask your surgeon if that’s an option for you. . . . and if he or she says no, [I]find a different surgeon[/I]!!

The local for me doesn’t last long enough, heck when i had a root canal done on one of my molars I ended up feeling most of the pain from the root canal

I understand what you’re saying–my husband is the same way; however, they can keep giving you shots until they’re done with the surgery. I had to have extra shots to deaden my mouth one time during the middle of a tooth extraction. Just be sure they know that it wears off fast and then maybe have an agreed upon hand signal to tell them you need another dose.

Also, I believe they have different strengths of these. The last time hubby and I were at the doctor and we explained that locals didn’t work for him, they showed us a bottle of stuff that they said they’d had to use for others like him–and it worked on them. It’s worth investigating!

Mine didn’t hurt, and I only had two-on the bottom (top ones never formed). However, they were coming in in such a way as to mess up my lovley teeth the folks paid large dollars to have straightened, so the decision was made to pull them.

It so happens that about a month before the scheduled tooth pulling, I got insecticide poisoning. I was working in a big drug store stacking bottles of malathion on a shelf, when it collapsed and all the bottles crashed to the floor, soaking my leather shoes and socks with the stuff. I was no gardener and only 18, so I was mopping it up with paper towels. Just as I noticed that it was making the glue from the floor tile bubble, the lady from the camera department came by and gasped in horror. “Go home and shower that stuff off immediately!,” she shrieked. So I did, feeling slightly headache-y.

The next morning when I woke up, I could hardly lift my head off the pillow and weakly croaked out to my parents to come help me. I got taken to the ER for blood samples. The family doctor told us that malathion was related to nerve gas used in WWI and that if you got enough exposure it would paralyze your respiratory muscles and you stopped breathing. In my case, it interfered with the nerve transmission in my muscles just enough to make me feel like a weak little old lady. I had to have my blood monitored weekly for about a month, and even trying to lift a glass of milk to drink was a huge effort! I spent the month sunbathing in the garden, reading, and ordering my little brother to go get me things. Guess who doesn’t use any insecticide in the garden to this day?

Anyhoo, when the time came to get my wisdom teeth out, my worry wart mom called the surgeon and told him about the malathion incident. “Jeez, I’m glad you told me,” was his response. “If I had put her under with sodium pentothal, she might have stopped BREATHING!” Thanks, Mom!

The tooth-pulling was therefore postponed. When it did occur, it went off without a hitch, in fact, it didn’t really hurt at ALL! I went out that night with friends and stupidly ate tortilla chips and salsa. No swelling, nothing. However, 2 weeks later I developed a “dry socket” (tooth hole didn’t heal over) and that hurt like stink. Nothing a little vicodin and antibiotics couldn’t cure.
That’s my wisdom tooth tale, hopefully yours won’t be quite as arduous.

I hope so to calms down after reading that that was quite the tale my friend. last time i talked to my dentist i was told to wait and see… so I’m unsure what to do

Here’s the thing: If your tooth is causing you pain, then you need to have it out soon. There’s no sense in postponing something like that and dragging out the misery. If your dentist doesn’t want to work on you now, then perhaps it’s time to find another dentist.

Toothaches are nothing to mess around with, nor are wisdom teeth that are causing problems. I’m not trying to frighten you; I just don’t see any good reason to live with that kind of pain–especially when you don’t have to. Besides, the blasted thing’s got to come out sooner or later anyway. Why not make it sooner?

I agree with Antares. The offending tooth or teeth could be impacted and causing all sorts of problems with your other teeth. This could quite possibly make things worse and equal a lot more dental work down the road that could have been easily avoided with removal.

i’m getting my dad to make me an appointment tomorrow

I notice you don’t say whether the teeth have erupted through the gums or not. Why is your dentist saying wait and see? If you’re teething and have plenty of space in your mouth for the teeth, you might not need anything besides something to help with the discomfort you’re experiencing. If the teeth have erupted through the gums you still have the right to know why your dentist says wait and see. An appt. is a good idea. If we don’t trust or wish to follow the advice of health care professionals then we need to consider why we’re seeing them at all. However, YOU have the problem and YOU should be able to decide when it’s bad enough that something really needs to be done. I hope you feel better soon.

If you can take aspirin, place a small dose aspirin between the tooth and its’ mate and let it slowly dissolve. This should help.

i think it was teething, it doesn’t hurt as bad since more of it has came out but it’s still sore

Oh, you poor thing! I remember my wisdom teeth and that was long, long ago. I hope you don’t have to have dental surgery but if you do, speedy recovery. Meanwhile, do what you need to do to help with the hurt. OTC stuff like Anbesol might be good to try.