I’ve put my DH’s sweater down for a little bit because the weather had been so hot. I’ll pick it up and finish it soon. I started a scarf as something I can carry around with me. It’s my own design except for the boarder, which is of course Brooke Nelson’s boarder from the Column of Leaves, (it’s my favorite). I’m making it out of Karaoke. I’ve also started a Wild Stripes Baby Blanket from Knitty. I love the colors and it’s made with KP Merino Style so it’s affordable. I work on it at night when I don’t really want to think too much.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

Very pretty!!! I wish someone I knew were having a baby so I could knit baby blankies! :teehee:

Oh, Nadja…the colors are just breathtaking! You have amazing taste in yarn! :inlove:

Unspeakable, I think there’s a charity knitalong for baby stuff. This might be a great way for you to do that kind of knitting! :thumbsup:

Wow, those colours are beautiful!

:inlove: those colors look yummmmmy! :lol:

ohh…I love the colors! especially the scarf :heart::heart::heart: Nice work

i love those colors!!! :inlove:

uh. good luck on the blanket. I made that for a friend of mine, and I stopped short because I was so sick of it…after 7 months. I also ended up not even doing any of the embroidery on it, because I used a fleece for the backing, I didn’t really need to.

Those colours are beautiful. I love the scarf. I haven’t been brave enough to try a sweater yet, it’s on to knit list though.

Beautiful colors! :inlove:

that blanket looks fun!

wow!!! lovely colors on both!!!

Ooooo so pretty!!

Ditto the beautiful colors!!!

Absolutely adorable.
I love the colour combination.

I hope all is well with you Nadja:muah:

I showed my pregnant DIL the what I had done on the blanket and she loved it.

Kashadilla, I hope it doesn’t take 7 months I mean she’s due in February and I’d like to have it done for Christmas. I’m into the 2nd pattern round so I’ve got 1 more to go and I’m going to get help with the fabric panel and the embroidery. I really stink at sewing.

I love the colors of the scarf but I don’t think I ever use Karaoke again. It sticks to it self so correcting mistakes is very difficult and the quality control leaves much to be desired.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I think those blanket colors are just great!!

Everything looks great!

Beautiful!! :slight_smile:

As usual, Nadja, [COLOR=blue][I]you take our breath away! Good work! :thumbsup:[/I][/COLOR]

Question about your Karaoke yarn. One of our Moderators, Ingrid, knit and posted a photo of her Karaoke scarf [COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR] at KH under “Cables in Variegated Yarn”…just scroll to the middle of the page to view it…it is the first one.

Her Karaoke color is “Mermaid”…but…notice how her colorway transitions ever so slowly…kind of like a watercolor effect?

Your Karaoke has more definite color stripings. Did you knit your Karaoke straight off the skein as it presented itself?

Do you know…does Karaoke stripe differently per skein, per color?

Thanks for any help. I am shopping for some Karaoke now, and I need to know about its attributes. I am going to knit a Celtic patterned scarf…and the yarn must be a very subtle colorway.

If the yarn colorway is too definite…the cabling and the colors will fight for the attention…and the battle for your “eye” will cause the scarf to be shot down.