Wips wips wips

From mommy’s tummy…

…to great-gramma’s arms 10 days later!

Here he is, modeling his one of his baby bibs, and his matching blankie!

And here’s his mommy (my granddaugther!) when she was a little bitty thing! Sigh.

[B]OTHER STUFF going on:[/B]

I have two cardigans all completely knitted, blocked, and waiting for me to find my [B]seaming mojo![/B] Where did it go to??? :??

I knit the 3 baby blankies, the 4 bibs, and the 2 cardigans in time for the baby shower, good thing, too…he was two weeks early…due June 4th, [U]born May 17th[/U]!

After the baby-crazy gramma knitting…I should have seamed the two cardigans…but instead…what did I do? I started [U]a third cardigan[/U]…[I]and then before it was done[/I]…I knit up 4 cotton face cloths! :doh:

So forgive me, the 4 face cloths were “truck” projects. We went over to the mountain property…and cabled projects are a no-no while trucking! Got four 8"x8" facecloths from one ball of yarn. Might use the remaining ball for a handtowel.

Anyway, today as I was looking at all the new FO’s in Whatcha Knitting…I got a few more [COLOR=DarkRed]INSPIRATIONS![/COLOR] I love the Treetops Baby Blanket that ShanaHoo posted! I’m completely jazzed about it! Yup…added it to my queue and have the printed pattern sittin’ right here in front of me!

Also [COLOR=DarkRed]VERY excited[/COLOR] about the Duffers that GrammaLori posted! Very inspiring embellishments added to the tops of the toe…which IMO really makes these Duffers [U]adorable and artistic![/U] Great work!

Over at Rav, in my project folder…the two unseamed cardigans I mentioned are there as WIPS…[COLOR=Black]but the 3rd cardigan[/COLOR], I took it down because the designer is a control freak, reads my notes, then sends messages about this and that…blah blah blah…doesn’t like me saying too much…she’s a stalker designer…kinda nutty…so I took the entire project [U]off Ravelry[/U] until I’m done. Buggers to her, I say. I’ll post it when it’s done, but not one word outa my mouth about it. Zero. I’m peeved. :eyes:

So that’s wassup with Artlady. :passedout:

I have two cardigans all completely knitted, blocked, and waiting for me to find my [B]seaming mojo![/B] Where did it go to???

Sounds like we’re closer to winning you over to the darkside of seamless knitting… bwahahahahahaaa

Cute grandson! Wondered what you were up to, but noticed the dozen plus new posts meant you’re back.

Yeah, I wondered where you were, too! I kind of figured that meant you were in the mountains again! We missed you!

You look way too young to be a great grandma! That baby and your granddaughter are adorable!

That baby is the perfect model for all your lovely knitting. Congratulations to you and your family! These are the very best of times.

Oh he’s so precious! Congratulations! I too was thinking the other day…Haven’t seen much of Artlady lately. Then it occurred to me that the time should be getting close for that wee one to make his entrance into the world. Looking forward to lots more pictures of him modeling all the lovely things you’ve knit for this little miracle.

Like everyone else says…seems impossible that this is your GREATgrandson!:hug: Jeanie

Aww! Your granddaughter is beautiful and so is her brand new baby son! The blanket and bib are really lovely.

Lovely baby! What pattern did you use for the blanket? Is it the Log Cabin? Thanks. Linknit41

Yes, it’s the log cabin!


Nah, you are standing in for some other great gramma! :slight_smile: What a beautiful baby. I know you are thrilled.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!! Glad you got all the shower knitting done in time! :thumbsup:

The baby is a real cutie. I, too, wondered where ArtLady was the past week or so. Good to see you back. Congrats on the newest member to your family. :hug:

Beautiful baby modeling beautifully knitted items! You just can’t beat that, now can you?

Congrats to you and your family!

Thanks for sharing all your lovely creations. You are such an inspiration to us!!!

Where do you get the energy? Babies are the best things in the world and your new grand is so cute.

I really don’t know…but I’ll tell you this much…knitting kinda re-energizes me, I think.
It’s calming, too. I don’t have to force myself to knit. I have to force myself to clean house! :teehee: Yipes!
(which I do…but unwillingly!)

Thanks for your kind words! :heart:

I honestly think that blanket is my favorite thing I’ve knit in two years. I hope you love it as much as I did!

You really aced it! I love it! Thanks for sharing all the details and links! :hug:

Thanks for the family photos. Your new grandson is adorable. He should keep you inspired for a long time.

You’re most welcome! And I’ve always loved seeing photos of your beautiful family, Judy!

:slight_smile: :muah: to you Great Grandma!!! Your great grandson is just gorgeous! And as usual I see that you’re busy as a bee with projects!