WIP's (no pics yet) - F&F towel, hand puppet

My computer is whonky but I wanted to post my WIP’s so I have more insurance of actually finishing them. :slight_smile:

I started a Feather and Fan hand towel for my mom - I’m going to knit two of these, one in blue and one in ivory, and two matching soap sacks. That will be her birthday gift (along with a cross stitch poem which I hope to have finished, but which I find really boring, sigh).

I also am doing the hand puppets ([url=http://patriot.net/%7Eannette/patterns/puppets/index.html]pattern here[/ur]) linked to on this site… I tried this once already, and I used 7’s instead of size 10 needles and it didn’t come out right. I also didn’t notice the error in the seed stitch pattern and it just turned out all wrong! I have most of the body done and hope to finish it soon.

I will post pics of my progress as soon as I can get my technical issues worked out. :slight_smile: I really love how the feather and fan pattern is working out - it’s very easy, but not boring, and really pretty! I bet after blocking it will be beautiful.

:cheering: :cheering: YAY, I cant’ wait to see your photos! I know your mom is going to love, love her gifts, too :thumbsup: