So, here is a WIP…

Very nice, I like the colors.

thanks! :heart:

Your stitches look great and the color is sooo pretty!

Looks great! What kind of yarn is it?

It looks like a heart in the middle - how cool! Did you do that on purpose?

not on purpose but it is neat-o, and it is Red Heart… not sure of the dye lot color… thanX!!! :muah:

wow! k1 p1, you have more patience than me!

Very nice so far! Great colors!

actually, i like switching back and forth… gives me something to switch up… otherwise i get really bored… and I’m an english knitter so you would think that it would take me forever to do a scarf like that but its actually coming along rather nicely and quick i might add :teehee:

Very nice! Even stitches, and great colors.

:heart: Your scarf looks beautiful, finished object would be awesome!
Great piece :cheering: