Here a few of my WIP
The black sweater is for my son done in Caron Simply soft,doubled
The mittens are for a 84 year old coworker who says his hands are freezing all the time,so knit him these for liners in his choppers–Made with Lopi 100% wool
The next sweater is for ME done in 50% Australian wool & 50% Acrylic that I got on e-bay

Wow…those are all beautiful! :cheering:

1st: the mittens are really cool (actually, they look quite warm…but you know what I mean). Where’d you get that pattern?

2nd: I love the colors on the pink sweater! It’s so bright and cheery (and I love pink :teehee:

All of that is really awsome!

Impressive! I love the mittens!

Thanks everybody :hug: Dreamweaver it’s not pink it’s blue rust and sorta tan.Must be your monitor :roflhard:

would love to find the pattern for that first sweater! Very cool!