WIP - Winter 04 Cast on hoody

I have been knitting this sweater as some of you may seen and figured I’d put it here too.

Haven’t knit much more lately, but I plan on doing so soon.

VERY nice! From whence dost thine pattern cometh? And, what yarn dost thou useth??

what, are we practicing our pilgrim speak KK?

Looks great humble! I like the green.

Either that or she’s gotten into the cooking wine! :rofling:

Loving the pattern…it ‘looketh greateth’ :roflhard: :rofling: Or, as I would say… :heart: it, looks GAWGEOUS :wink:

It’s from the Winter issue of Cast on magazine from last year. I really wanted to make it then, but am finally getting around to making it now.

Thanks guys lol, ya love the pilgrimish speak!

LOL, I buy knitting mags bc I may see one or two things that I want to knit, of course…that sure doesn’t mean I’ll knit them right away! I ordered the last winter Vogue to do the TO DIE FOR Rose Trellis bag…sometime in the future…LOL!
Loving the sweater, it will be gorgemous :wink:

Looks very pretty!! Great job :thumbsup:

BEAUTIFUL!!! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Thanks! Yea, I have tons of mags and a list of things to do…I have yet to do any of them lol. I want the new Vogue just to knit a shawl type thing that’s in there, and I dont know when I’d ever knit it.

That sweater is just gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it when it’s complete. The color is fantastic, too–I loveth green!

thanks, me too! I haven’t worked on it yet today tho :oops: But I have worked on seaming the punkrock backpack! I just need to add the fronts, the zipper and the lining :slight_smile: but I may work the hoody soon… cross fingers

I’ll probably post another in progress pic today… I’m almost done with the left side! :happydance:

Very pretty! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you finish.

I didnt get to post a pic yesterday of the progress, but maybe today :oops: I’m starting the second sleeve because I finished the first sleeve and the left side already :slight_smile: It’s gonna be huge on me though.

Well, I started the second sleeve and I’ve included a pic of everything together so far plus the second sleeve progress (I have not seemed anything yet, I just placed it like it will be when I’m done)

Coming along nicely!!

It looks so soft and cozy and warm. It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it finished.

I really like it so far

WOW! I certainly don’t have the patience you have. Wish I did I could be spitt’n out cool sweaters like that!

Major prop[SIZE=2]s[/SIZE] :cheering: