WIP: Wildly-colored Malabrigo Vest

Yup…I fell into the age-old trap…while browsing the shelves of my local yarn shop…squishing all the pretty hanks of yarn…eyeballing all the beautiful sunny colorations…I impulsively purchased all 4 hanks of the yarn. There were only 4…and 4 is what I snatched up.

Better lighting:

Well, it’s been over a year…and I’ve finally found something to do with it! I can’t promise I’ll wear this vest outside of the mountains or the house…but it is being knit! I’m almost done with it, and would be done with it if I hadn’t taken some knitting sidetrips for that Herringbone Sleevefor aa poorly designed circulars needle case I purchased at the LYS for big bucks (Gah), and for my winter jacket, NELL.

I intend to finish the upper body for the vest tonight.

I must say, I’m relieved to see that the colorway is pooling! I was getting very worried about it. At the outset, it was looking like an overprocessed bowl of salsa! Very mooshy. Not at all like the hanks showed distinct color separations. Handpaints are such annoying little buggers.

It’s knit all in one piece up the the armhole shaping…then the RF, LF and
BACK upper body sections are knit individually.

Those whitethreads are row markers that’ll be removed before blocking.

Here is the first one I knit using this same design, back in 2007, with Malabrigo neutrals.
It’s a wreck now. Pills and such. I use it to keep my body core extra warm (in bed) in the mountains.

Here are my Rav notes for the Wild One!

Ohhhh that is so pretty! It’s going to a gorgeous colorful vest!

Lovely. That should brighten your mood on a gray, rainy day, even if it doesn’t have much of a public life. When you can actually wear it, you might change your mind. Will you do a 3-needle bind off at the shoulders? Inquiring minds want to know. What LYS do you go to?

Who would have predicted the alternating patterns across the middle of the vest, perfect when knit in one piece! It’s bright and cheering, a great color combination.

Oooh what a yummy vest. I am seriously into bright colors and love this one1!!


Love it!

Goodness that vest can be worn every where. It is beautiful, the colours will go with pants or a skirt that is white, taupe, brown and black. You can wear a white blouse underneath if you like a more sporty casual while leaving the top buttons of the vest open. Where it proudly!