WIP - Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke Sweater

After much hair pulling, pattern help (which I assume I’ll need more help on as I go) and frogging, this is what I have so far of the sweater.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like at the end…

And here’s what I have so far. It’s the front, the back and sleeve number 1.

I have sleeve number 2 on the needles now.

I’m sure it will turn out great! I have that magazine, I can’t wait to see yours!

Good starting! I can;t wait to see it finished!

I’m going to have to frog my whole thing (I knit in the round and got to the wheat ear cable part where you place the stitches on holders. I did a guage swatch that came out perfect - but this sweater is way big on me! So, I’m going to do another guage swatch using a smaller size needle. Arghhh!!

It is going to be lovely!

Thanks everyone!

Oh that’s not fun. I hope the smaller needle gives you a good fit.

That color is beautiful! I’ve been eyeing that sweater too.