WIP w/pic: Lotus Blossom Tank

[color=red]Edited: Now I have a pic for my WIP LBT. The first lace pattern repeat is complete.[/color]

I don’t have a pic to show yet. But, I wanted to get the word out for the KAL that exists for this pattern and mention that IK has provided a pdf chart for the lace. So far, I’ve completed one lace pattern repeat, which is 16 rounds.

The yarn is so weird! It’s bamboo and feels like rope. :shock: I wonder if bamboo will soften the more it’s worn? :thinking: I’ve heard that linen and hemp do that. Let’s hope so![size=6][/size][size=7][/size]

I added a pic of my WIP on the Lotus Blossum Tank in the original posting of this thread. After getting through a little more than one pattern repeat on the lace, I can tell that I’m going to like this top. The bamboo yarn is nice a drapey, which is perfect for the lace below the waist! :happydance: :XX:

:smiley: Beautiful lace!!
Your bamboo feels like rope? Mine’s so very,very soft…isn’t your’s SWTC bamboo, too?..one of my very fave yarns :smiley: I’m loving bamboo & soy yarns :thumbsup: Can’t wait to try their corn based yarns :smiley:


I’m in l :heart: ve with that color! I just want to rub it on my cheek.

Glad you’re liking the pattern, keep us posted!

Yep, it’s SWTC. :thinking: It’s not scratchy, but it doesn’t feel soft while I knit with it. Now that I’ve gotten enough lace rounds on the needles, it doesn’t feel as scratchy off the needles. It’s just when I’m carrying the yarn over my index finger that it feels sort of rope-ish. Then again, I’ve been knitting with cotton for several weeks now, so maybe I’m conditioned to the softness of cotton! :lol:

That’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see the FO!

That is beautiful! I was thinking of making that too, someday. I know what you mean about the Bamboo–I made a scarf out of it, but it did seem to soften after washing. :thumbsup: