WIP - very first project! Baby sweater

I’m pretty pleased with myself :happydance: I am taking a knitting class and we are learning to do a “baby” sweater so that we have time to complete it and learn to piece it together. I don’t have a grandchild to knit for yet so I couldn’t decide on one of the pretty baby colours so I ended up going with my fav colour, red! I’ll find some fun colourful buttons for it and hopefully it can be worn on a little boy or girl. Bring on the grandkids! :wink:

Looks great so far. Keep up the good work.

Hey, that’s looking nice! Once the grand-babies start coming, you’ll be ready! (smile)

It’s beautiful, Gina! You’re doing a wonderful job! :cheering:

Great job Gina. Can you picture your grandchild, a little photocopy of DS (dear son) or DD (dear daughter), wearing that sweater? Keep up the good work and show the DS and/or DD so they get the hint and start making you some DGC (dear grandchildren) to dress up.

P.S. This is my most favourite colour as well! Welcome to KH.

Gina, grand kids are the best. My DGD increased my learning curve on knitting about 70%. I HAD to be able to knit some of the wonderful things out there for her, and so far, she’s been a great model.

It’s looking good x

It looks terrific. I look forward to seeing it finished!

Thanks everyone! I will post it when I finish it! And yes, I plan to leave it out for my DS to see when he visits! Hint Hint! :rofl:

It looks great so far:cheering: And red is a great color! There are so many buttons out there or online OR you could make your own!


:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

it’s a beauty!! My Mom is making a loverly red sweater for my DD (she’s 4) and it’s beautiful too-my favorite color is red also!

I love the color. Such a rich, beautiful red. It really looks great.