WIP - Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl.... still

Yes, yes. I know the pattern’s been out like two year now.

And I’m still on clue 3. Which is a long one. I’m about half-way through.
The RS rows are easy to knit, your mind is occupied with the pattern, like “knit, knit, yo, ssk, yo, ssk, knit, knit,…” but the WS rows are plain boring, just being “purl, purl, purl, purl,…”

That’s kinda keeping me off doing it more vigorously.

I’d like to see it finished (of course now there are pictures of it, if you wanna look it up, but I don’t wanna see those unless mine is done and about to be blocked, to see what shape it’s to be) but that WS row is keeping me off, and the increasing stitch count isn’t helping it. (at the end of each clue, you have to repeat “knit, yo” to double the stitch count)

I love the yarn (Tsuki by Artyarns, blue), I’ve never worked with such a thin and at the same time strong yarn. It’s amazing.

Enough of my ranting. I hope to get through clue 3 soon.

I’ll keep you updated.

Oh my goodness!!! This shawl pattern design is MAGNIFICENT! Truly Divine! Great choice!

Ok, as it seems I’m going 3 rows at a time (not counting WS rows), and I only have one session of 3 rows left, and then 3 rows of basically knitting every row (though one involved k, yo).
Then, that’s clue 3. I’m really surprised how quickly I got through this. Hopefully the other clues will be less of a hassle.

YUM!!! Can’t wait to see your finished project.

Off to clue 4!

WOW, I am impressed! I would never even attempt something that complicated…it looks amazing. Good luck with the rest of it. I admire your patience.

Patience I will need, but I’ll be so proud of it once finished. That should be enough to keep me going.
But I don’t have any use for it, maybe I should sell it if finished. Anyone interested? :smiley: