WIP: Tyrolean Afghan

This is my second afghan and my first project to combine knitting and crochet (and embroidery, but I haven’t got that far yet). The pattern is from Annette Feldman’s [U]Big Book of Afghans[/U].

It is knitted in pieces (twenty squares with a popcorn stitch pattern), which then have a three-round crochet border of the main color and two contrasting colors. That’s the point I’m at right now.

Eventually the squares will be embroidered with a flower pattern and sewn together, but I’ll have to wait until March, since I moved back to school after Christmas and I don’t have space in my dorm room to bring my project :(.

What do you think so far?

Welcome to Knitting Help!! I think it’s going to be beautiful :yay:

Very nice work! Seriously, you are wonderful! A new member and already posting some great things! Yeah!!

Actually, I’ve been a member for a while now, but I haven’t posted forever-- mainly because I haven’t been working on anything for a while.

I think it is going to look amazing when the afghan is completed . :slight_smile:

That’s going to be a really beautiful thing to hand down to your kids (yes,a long time from now).

I remember all too well the space crunch in dorm rooms, it’s why we rented apartments. Good luck with your school year!

That’s going to be really pretty :happydance:

It’s going to be beautiful!!! What a wonderful project!

Yup, my DD is in her first year of college and already chomping at the bit for when she’s in an apartment too.

Can’t wait to see it as it comes along - looks like it is going to be just beautiful :yay:

Thanks! I’m glad you (and everyone else) like it.

BTW, my school doesn’t permit us to live off-campus until our third year, so I’m stuck in the dorms for now…

Very cool! Make sure you post the finished project, I’d love to see it.

I definitely will! (But it’ll be a while).

That is going to be really beautiful!:stuck_out_tongue:

What a lot of work! It will be gorgeous though.