WIP: Turtleneck Update

I had stopped working on the turtleneck when Mom passed away, but have recently resumed work on it. I am almost finished with the body.

Sorry for the poor pic quality, had to use my webcam as my normal digicam is in my truck which is in the repair shop.

Wow, you’ve got a lot done since I’ve seen it. It looks great! I’m glad you used the brown at the neck – that’ll look good on you. Glad you’re back.

That looks great Mason! I am so impressed by the projects you take on. The colors look really nice.

I really like the way you’ve done the colors, Mason! It looks great!

I agree, it’s coming along nicely and the colors look great. Despite the fact that there are lots of colors, the way you’re working with them it really blends and works together.

It’s looking great! :slight_smile:

It is looking good Mason. I am glad you are starting to knit again.

:happydance: it’s looking good!

Looks great!

Mason, it’s coming out lovely! Can’t wait to see it finished. I’m glad you’re ok and please - be careful on the roads:hug:

You are going to model for us, aren’t you?

It’s looking very nice!

Hi Mason ! The sweater is looking great. I hope you are keeping well. Big huggs coming your way :slight_smile:

Mason, the sweater is looking good, but I have a question. Do you own your own rig? It seems to be in the shop a whole lot, and I’m hoping it’s not yours.

It’s looking good. Very good :slight_smile:

Your sweater is coming along very nicely, and I keep thinking your using a variegated, self-striping yarn, it blends so nicely!!! Well done! :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see it all finished :slight_smile:

Wow, it looks great Mason and the color is terrific! I imagine you will have it finished in no time.

This is very inspiring work, Mason! I am tempted to try it myself, using several different colors I have in the same type of yarn!

I have the Sweater Wizard, and it will give me a basic pattern for a top-down raglan pullover. I’m not as brave nor creative as you are. I mean that. Folks who can pick up a pair of needles and a skein of yarn and begin knitting and designing as they go…WOW. My hat is off to you!

I am happy to hear that this sweater is on its way to completion!

Your sweater made up my mind, Mason! I’ve got to make a turtleneck. I’ve got a textured yarn in the stash that knits up at about 3.5 sts/in that will make up a good, quick Michigan-winter sweater. Thanks for the picture and the warm inspiration!

Cool looking sweater! Great to see you’re knitting again :thumbsup: