WIP : "Tubey" Sweater

I have been knitting since Saturday Jan 6th. I just finished off the “shrug” part of the sweater.

I ended up caving and just using Red Heart Soft Touch yarn. I was enjoying the feel of the nicer yarns at the LYS, but the prices were just too much. I wouldn’t pay 80 bucks for a sweater, so why pay 80 bucks for a sweater I have to sweat over? Besides, I LOOOVE the feel of the red heart. It’s so soft and comfy, and right in my price range.

I also, am soooo glad I am a bigger gal. I can’t seem to find any size 8 dpns, but the medium size sweater, was easily transferred onto size 8 circs, 16inch. Knit in the round perfectly.

Now to finish up moms scarf, so I can finish the body of the sweater.

It is looking good so far!!! :cheering:

So cute!! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

Looks great - the color is lovely!!!

cute! :slight_smile:

I always let the yarn speak to me. One of my favorites is Caron Simply Soft. It is inexpensive and looks nice and holds up well. I am one of those people that can’t afford a lot of dry cleaning and I am too lazy for hand washing, so washable yarns are a must! Your Tubey is going to be great!