WIP: Tube Sock

The work sliding off the needles is really really aggravating me. I think I need bamboo or wood DPNs.

:blooby: YAY!!! :yay:

im so proud!!

you will be thankful that they are sliding so well when you get the hang…but bamboo is a good thing untill you do.

woohoo…you caught the sock bug a bit:happydance:
I prefer bamboo needles too. I’m actually looking at buying the harmony dpns but I don’t know…

Love the tube sock (and use the tutorial it gets you through the heel easy)

I have both the harmony bamboo and the nickel ones from Knitpicks. I do better with the nickel but I have a friend who only uses the bamboo. She said it keeps her hands warm in winter! lol The socks are lookin’ good and I recognize that yarn as I used it for a pair of socks too! lol

[color="#330099"]Got to love a DPN where you only need two :thumbsup: and each is so flexible that you knit off one end and onto the other end [B]of the same needle[/B]. :woot:

Not really any different than using DPNs… except when was the last time you could use just two DPNs on a progect in the round? :doh:

Don’t over think it.

Come on. If you can manage a four or five needle set of DPNs, it is just a small step to the left to use two circular needles as if they were two DPNs. It isn’t a big jump to the right or anything.

Knitting speed of metal and the stitch security of the plastic cord between points!

Put one tip in front on the other,
and soon you’ll be knitting across the floor,
put one tip behind the other,
and soon you’ll be purling out the door!

In your brand new socks!

They are looking fabulous so far! :yay:

I’m making a pair right now on two circulars because I didn’t have size 1 needles with a long enough cable for ML. If I have to use DPN I’ve always used bamboo.

[color="#330099"]:sun: [B]Buy Chinese Takeout[/B]

Ask for two sets of chop sticks.
(Round sticks are better, but square ones will work.)

Find a pencil sharpener and some sand paper.
(An emery board will work for shaping/rounding the point but you want some fine grain (between 600 and 1000 grit) sand paper for smoothing the shaft and taper of the bamboo.)

Use the pencil sharpener to taper the ends of the chop sticks.

Round off the points to your own satisfaction with the emery board.

Sand smooth with the extra-fine sand paper.

Wipe off the dust and start using your new bamboo DPNs.[/COLOR]

LOL That’s awesome!

Looks great so far … can’t wait to see the finished product! :cheering:

Sure do love the yarn!!!

My knitting buddy is working on tube socks! She really loves the style!

I do, too! It’s easy for n0obs like me, less scary than a fitted sock. Thanks, Lissa!

I thought the point to tube socks was that there is no heel? Am I missing something? linknit41

for when she moves on to socks w/ heels Silver’s Sock Tutorial is great

Your sock(s) are looking great! Can’t wait to see the finished pair. I’m hoping to finally get around to making my first pair of socks someday. ETA: I’d be afraid of getting knitting needles in a size smaller then US 3 (3.25mm) in Bamboo or Wood. I’d worry about snapping them.