WIP - Triangle Shawl

This project used to be a FO, but I didn’t like the way it turned out and ended up frogging the whole thing, what a relief. Yesterday I spent sometime working up a gauge swatch, not so much for gauge but to see which stitch looked best. I finally come up with this and really like how it’s turning out. I took this picture last night and I have knitted several more rows. I am using Crystal Palace Party Ribbon, color is called Roses, thought it would be a nice Valentine’s Day Shawl (also doubles at Christmas colors too!) Humm, does it count as the February KAL if I am knitting it on purple needles! :rofl:
There are more details on my blog.

That looks like it will be gorgeous :slight_smile: And that yarn is BEYOND yummeh :heart:

[color=indigo]Are those purple round needles? Which brand?

Shawl looks like it’s gonna be fantastic! :cheering:


It’s going to be lovely. I have used that exact ribbon a few times!

Yes, they are. They are from the Rainbow Denise Needles Kit that I bought from Amy! I love my Denise needles and use them all the time. I am not a big fan of metal needles so I went with those instead of the KP options or Addi’s (I think that is what they they are called :?? ).

Looking good so far - the colors in that yarn are fabulous!

I am using Crystal Palace Party Ribbon, color is called Roses,

OMG! Before I read this I looked at the photo and I was going to say it reminded me of roses. Then I read your description. Great choice they made for the name! :teehee:

It’s very pretty!

Thanks for the compliments! I am so happy that I am redoing it and can’t wait to see it at all finished!

I actually found this yarn on clearance at our Beverly’s (I think it’s only a California chain Craft & Fabric store, much like Micheals) and fell in love with the color immediately, reminds of something Victorian. I was soooo glad when I found that my LYS carried it and was able to get me more in the same dye lot. And the savings on the “clearance” wasn’t all the much of a savings when I found out the regular price was only a few cents more!

My daughter actually picked out her own Party Ribbon in Scuba, with pretty blues, greens and a hint of light purple. She is going to make her own Triangle Shawl. I have already asked her if I could borrow it when it was finished! :teehee:

I :heart: :heart: it~ Very Victorian and Feminine

Lovely~!! :cheering:

looks good so far–I can’t wait to see the new FO! :slight_smile: