WIP Treasure Chest Throw

This sampler afghan gives me the opportunity to practice my knitting and try out several new stitches. Although I’m still a little slow its working up beautifully. I also like that its worked in strips instead of all at once, makes it much easier to handle.


I really like the way RedHeart provides a video for working stitches I’ve never done before. Seeing it done is a lot better than just reading the directions.

That’s really pretty. I love videos, too! It’s like having a whole big bunch of friends, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts, or whoever around and if the way one shows you doesn’t click for you someone else is waiting for you to find them and they’ll show you from a slightly different angle. What yarn and color are you using?

Due to allergies I using Caron acrylic yarn in off white to match my SIL’s decor. Since I’m a pretty new knitter and my tension is a little tight I’m using size 10 needles. Its the only way I could get the gauge to come out right.

That sounds great. Acrylic is so easy to care for, too. Fortunately gauge on afghans isn’t as critical as on garments and if you aren’t spot on you’ll be fine. Enjoy!

So far I have 18" of one of two cable strips. I think its coming out pretty good for a first afghan of this type.

It’s going to be lovely! I like the off-white for this since it really shows the stitches and just seems right for the Aran pattern. Maybe measure each strip against the others as you come close to the end to make sure they’re all about the same length (or close to).

Lookin’ good! no, not good, great! salmonmac has a good idea in keeping track of how long the strips are in relation to each other. When I try this pattern, I hope I remember.

Each strip is “supposed” to be 54 inches long and hopefully they will be at the end of the repeat. If not I will adjust but I’m wondering if it will make a difference when they’re put together. Hopefully I can get all the strips to line up correctly.

You’re using acrylic yarn so when washed and dried it will be about the same size as before. The main thing is you don’t want enough difference in length that you’ll end up with puckering. Other than that, a bit of difference shouldn’t be much of an issue IMO. Remember: It’s handmade and handmade doesn’t equate with perfect. He’s gonna love it.

If you do try this one use several lifelines to save your sanity. I use one when I finish the 12 row repeat. In the picture above I placed a life line ( blue yarn) when I finished the last repeat.

I don’t know why they make the models in white or off white when you have lovely stitch patterns. You can’t see the darn things. You have a great start on it.

I think they make them in those colors because Aran is a traditional style of Norwegian Fisherman sweaters and all of those were made from undyed wool. Even with the light color the stitches pop out.

Very classy pattern! I didn’t know that about the Red Heart website! Very generous of them to provide videos! :thumbsup: