WIP - Transformers scarf

I’ve recently really gotten into Transformers thanks to my DH. Here’s a pic of one side of the transformers scarf I’m working on. It’s my first Intarsia, and its all rolled up right now due to being stockinette and all, so I just kinda had to squash it onto my scanner, so theres a bit of distortion due to that. Its going to be a black scarf with the autobots insignia on one side, and the decpticons insignia on the other side. I think I made the area under the “eye” a little bit too wide, so I’m probably going to go back and embroider another row of red there to close the gap a little bit.

I made the mistake of looking at this with my grandson in the room. Now he wants one. Great job!!

and heres the decepticons insigna (haven’t gotten over to that side yet though)

Thanks so much :smiley: I saved the pixelation I did to the image for the chart if you would like it.

:smiley: That’s so cool :thumbsup:

Great job.

Ohhhh…that is sooooo cool!! My son wants a spiderman scarf. I’ll have to find a picture of some web or something…

Wonderful scarf! I love it!

Wow, is that good!!!


Whoa! That brings back Saturday morning cartoon memories!!!
Great job!

Transformers, more than meets the eye dun dun dun DUN…


that is really awesome, you’re doing a great job! it’s also way over my head! looks difficult.

OMG my husband would LOVE LOVE LOVE that !!! I’m surprised our son wasn’t named OPTIMUS lol.

That is super cool!

I am very impressed. My DS would love it!

Thanks so much for the comments everyone! Unfortunately, I had to put the scarf down for a little while to deal some stuff that came up so I haven’t gotten nearly as far on it as I had hoped that I would be by now. Buuuut I’m sooo very close to the decepticons side. I will def. post it when I get there!


I remember watching Transformers! Oh, and thanks, now I have the theme going through my head! :rofling:

Great job so far on you scarf, Thorne!!