WIP - Toy Lamb

This is my first time doing something other than a sweater set … I’m actually kind of excited about … just hope that it will turn out … lol … :teehee:

What I thought would be a relatively easy pattern and a quick knit is turning out to be quite the trouble … at least this time (after having taken it apart twice) the body of the lamb isn’t two toned … he looked like a little checker board at one point … poor little guy …

How cute is he? I adore lambs they are my 2nd favourite animal…My doggie being 1st!

I love our doggies too … and yes I’d have to say that they’re my favorite as well … just have to keep this little guy away from them otherwise he’ll be a chew toy …

So cute! Looks like he’s actually trying to steady those little legs. :wink:


So cute !! I am sure it will look great !! :slight_smile:

Too cute …I :heart: it!

Love it! Is this the Fiber Trends pattern? If so, I have it, sure hope I can do it. I noticed how detailed it is… Mary

Can you tell me what pattern he is made from? I’d love to make one and would be happy to buy the pattern if you can tell me where to find it. Thanks so much!:happydance:

:happydance: aww it’s very cute!!

I made my mom a felted one for Mother’s day right when I started knitting… she has to put something in front of it’s legs to make it look right :oo: …I really need to make her another one that she doesn’t have to hide part of :teehee:

Very cute!!

ADORABLE! Very cute! :thumbsup: Thanks for taking the time to share the photo with us!

I found the pattern in Debbie Bliss’ “Essential Baby” …

I’ve been sewing it together and i think that I may have made a few mistakes with it … but this was a first for me and something a little out of the norm of what i usually knit … I made the bath robe from the book as well and i changed the colour to yellow and didn’t use any accent colours but that’s only because i’m trying to make it neutral …

Once i get over my laziness I’ll post some pics of my FO’s.

What a cutie!

How cute!!

I love lambs - especially being a knitter. This little guy looks adorable!

OMIGOD that is one of the cutest patterns i have ever seen!!

I think he’s turning out too cute!!

OH I Collect little lambs (Mary is my name :slight_smile: )

THIS IS PERFECT AND ADORABLE :yay: :yay: I didn’t see what pattern you used or what book lolol I would love to make a few of those myself!!!
cloud9 Mary