WIP--Toe Up Cabled Socks!(now with NEW pics)

These are my second pair of socks ever, and I decided to go nuts and do them toe up (a first) and two at once (also a first!). It’s fun, I love knitting them both at once even if it gets a little tangly.

Getting the Figure-8 cast-on was a bear so I abandoned it for Judy’s Magic Cast On method, which worked like a dream. This is today’s progress.

The pattern is from knitty, widdershins and I’m doing the cabled ones on two size 4 circular needles. Yarn is LionBrand Microspun–which feels nice and looks nice, but kinda loose and splitty to work with.

Below is today’s progress. Unfortunately my camera is stinky and you really can’t see the detail or the cables all that well. But I rather like how they’re coming out! (my stitches are so even today)

I’ll post another pic when they’re done.

Without further ado:

Those are going to be pretty! I like the color!

I’m doing my second pair right now on size 3 DPNs and one at a time. I really have to try two at a time next!

Very pretty! I’d like to see how much yarn you wind up using. The Microspun looks lovely in cables.

Wow, those are looking great!

Those are so pretty. I’ve never done toe-up socks before, but after seeing that pattern I’ve got to try them!

Well they’re all done for now :verysad: :verysad:
I really don’t care for the heel directions on this pattern or the modification on the designer’s site. They confused me. I started to get it figured out and was gonna do one heel at a time. They did not look great but they were coming.

And then my dog jumped on me and my needles fell and when I gathered things up a whole bunch of stitches had fallen off and started to unravel a few rows of a hole. It might be salvageable but I was way too frustrated to even look at it tonight. I put it away and tomorrow I guess I"ll decide if I have to frog the whole thing. They were looking SO nice too… :hair:
If I have to frog, I don’t know if I can deal with this pattern again. I might have to do them top down.

I’m so sad right now. AND ANNOYED! Man…I really hate LionBrand Microspun. I mean it looks and feels nice, but it’s so damn slippery and the stitches are just splitting all over the damn place. Grr…

Hammalee…I know exactly how you feel. Put them away, even for a couple of days and go back to them. Picking up the dropped stitches is way easy…just look at Amy’s videos. Get a crochet hook if you don’t already have one and take it one dropped stitch at a time and before you know it, you’ll have them all picked up and back in place on your needle. I’ve yet to try the two at once socks or socks from the toe up. When I ever get through with all my Christmas knitting, that’s going to be my next adventure.

Be patient and don’t let those dropped stitches get to you. What falls off can always be put back on the needles. Believe, me…I know.

Good luck!

I’m back!

Some of may remember that I started to get frustrated with these socks. Well…soon after my dog decided to make a statement tore through them while I was knitting! So I frogged 'em and restarted on a needle size smaller. They look nicer now and not as fuzzy as the picture seems.

I figured out the heel. I trusted the pattern–I must say I don’t love the heel, but it doesn’t look bad or anything. Now I just gotta get crackin’ on the legs! Hope these’ll be done in a night or two of knitting.

I LOVE doing toe-up (no picking up stitches!) and I LOVE two at once! No single-sock-syndrom, hooray! I love trying them on as I go to make sure they’re coming out…oh…normal sized. Heh…

Here are some more progress pics.

They are looking good!

They are looking good!