WIP- toddler sweater

OK, you’ll have to imagine a bit on this… I’m making the sweater that’s on the cover of Zoe Mellor’s “adorable knits for tots”, but instead of light blue I’m doing Plymouth Encore purple wool, and for the ribbing a fuscia shade of needlepoint wool (yeah, trying to use up some remnants, here) and for the white stripes Zoe has on hers I am doing Wendy’s velvet touch in verigted rainbow colors (#1408)… I hope it turns out ok, otherwise DD is gonna look like a clown gone bad :lol: I am not sure how much of the velvet touch yarn I will have left over- I will make a heart shape on the front of the sweater… only an outline if I have to :wink: We will see how it turns out. So far I’ve got the back done, and 1/2 of one sleeve.

Well, isn’t that the cutest sweater? Your DD will be the best dressed kid on the block. I had to laugh at the clown gone bad thing…something I would have thought of, too, if I were doing it LOL. The colors sound great. Please post a pic when you’re finished.

That’s a great sweater–maybe by next year I’ll be starting on sweaters for my dd!

Don’t wait, I’ve done sweaters for both my boys now after doing two sets of mittens and one very bad hat (no scarves, I’m a rebel!). I LOVE that sweater, I’ve been eyeing it for a couple weeks but the intarsia and color changes are a little scary for me. Both of the sweaters I have already done are self striping yarn (I cheat). I think it will turn out super cute!

[color=red]Good for you![/color]
[color=green]I knit a Christmas stocking very early in my knitting career,
and 38 Christmases later, it’s still in tact! Just little faded. [/color]

So cute!