WIP: The Saga of the Hat

I started a hat yesterday …

Here’s the first 1/2:

This is the same pattern that KellyK used for her baby set, but it’s the “Children’s” size.

Go here to read the Saga of the Hat (subtitle: The Day of Waiting Endlessly.)

I’m using Lion Brand Magic Stripes Jelly Bean – not as crazy about it as I thought I would be. I like the yarn; don’t like the colors or the pattern (or lack thereof) that it’s making. I want to use KnitPick’s Simply Stripes instead.

Oh, and now I’m unknitting the start of the 2nd half … after 4 rows I discovered that I had begun to knit it inside out. :doh:

I see whatcha mean about it being just stripes in a “random” kind of order, but I would think DS would like it!! They are boyish colors, I think, although, since I am not now, nor have I ever BEEN a boy, I cannot be 100% sure.

This hat has some kind of bad shushu surrounding it!!

you say there is more to this hat!? and its for a child! wow i must be missin something. seems kind of big!


The hat is for my niece :rollseyes:

You must be right. :frowning:

Carmell –

It’s one of those hats where you knit one side (using a provisional cast-on), then you come back & get those lives stitches, and knit another hat in the other direction. When you’re done, you shove the 2nd hat inside the 1st hat, and you have a double layer. You can use two different colors, too, but I didn’t.

It also looks big 'cause I have it hanging down on a container that is too small to fill it. I’m hoping that washing & blocking will take the lumpiness away.[/quote]

gotcha!!! :thumbsup: it’ll be nice and toasty!

That looks great! :thumbsup:

And I really like the colors and striping–what’s not to like? The wonkiness gives it wonderful character, I think!

OH! Your NIECE! Well, in that case, having been both a girl AND a niece, I can give it my FULL endorsement! :thumbsup:

And, YES…machine washing & drying will fix all that lumpiness that I dont see.

Well, I have now managed to repair the inside-out knitting. Good thing I have another Size 3 circular here. I just know it’s going to look so much better when I get it all done. :rollseyes:

And now, I think I’ll go and order some WOTA for the 2 bags I still need wool for, and while I’m at it, don’t you think I ought to throw in some sock yarn??? :figureditout:

OH YES! ABSOLUTELY! It would be SINFUL NOT TO!!! :angelgrin:

Julie, I love all the colors and the random stripes are fun. I am sure your niece will love it.

Hi Vick! :waving:

I think I was just expecting this yarn to knit up in a more predictable pattern. It is fun to knit with. The color changes make it interesting. I can’t wait to get this done, wash it, and block it.

Um, do you really need an answer to that question? :slight_smile:

Nice avatar!