WIP: The Old can be New!

I’ve been thinking about reclaiming yarn from a 2007 sweater I knit that became too long after several wearings. It was a diagonally knit bias jacket. Grrrr.

I spent the better part of a week in January unraveling two Noro sweaters that were neglected and laying around with nothing to do and nowhere to go! Both were huge on me. One became huge, the other one was always huge. Bad planning on my part. But I loved these two colorways a lot, and they’re now discontinued. Yeah, you can count on Noro to discontinue a good colorway.

I’ve included a couple photos: the original bad boy that became a giant that ate New York, the pan of frogged yarn from it, and just 2 of the 20 log cabin squares I’ve finished.

Well, I should rephrase that: the sweater had enough yardage for me to knit up 20 squares. The borders on the square were worked with a rusty colored (stash) tweed I had laying around. I bought it for a sweater of some kind, and I’ve changed my mind somewhere along the way.

Anyway, the squares are knit using basic Log Cabin technique. Even the borders were added using the same.

The pattern for this Log Cabin Squares Blanket is in the Ravelry pattern database, which is where I got it from. I modified how the frames (borders) were applied, but the outcome is the same. I’ll modify the joining process as well.

Here’s the project page if you care to follow along. I’m not done with the blanket yet. All 20 squares are knit, hand-washed, rinsed using softener, and blocked out to exactly 13" x 13". But I haven’t joined the squares yet. I’ll add an i-cord edge all around the blanket when everything is seamed up. I’m doing the seaming the easy way: pick up stitches along each edge and join using the 3-needle bind off.


that was a very nice looking sweater. too bad about the fit. the yarn is really nice in the blanket, so it’s great that you’ve repurposed it into something so beautiful and usable.

That will be a gorgeous blanket! :inlove:

The first log cabin blanket was a stunner and this one promises to be another outstanding one.
That yarn is much happier now that it can be seen and admired. I like the plan for the rust border and join, too.

:inlove: Wow.

I remember the mitered cross log cabin blanket you made a few years back. It was a beauty too. I think it’s great that you will be able to turn this sweater into another log cabin. I’m sure it will receive much more use and love as a blanket. That is/was a pretty sweater though. All of your work is amazing. You do such professional work.

Thanks for your kind words!

I’ve just got to seam the 20 squares! Tick Tock! I’m procrastinating I guess!

oh wow.

I have to say, Im SO inspired by the knitting I’m seeing in this forum.
makes me want to up my game, so to speak.