WIP: The NELL Jacket

I finished the Back for NELL. I’m using old stash yarn…probably 3 years stashed. It’s dirt cheap yarn (wool) but very nice to work with! I think it will hold up well. It’s a single ply, so eventually it will pill with frequent wearings. But that’s the way it goes with single ply yarns and super soft yarns. Eventually you need to part ways. The things become so pilled you have to retire them to ‘bathrobe wear’!

De-Pilling methods can only help for so long…

You can find my Rav notes here. It’s not too late to join me!

:inlove: Gorgeous!!!

Lovely! I really like the color, but be careful you might blend in with the weather! :mrgreen: Puget Sound and gray skies, I guess I should be used to it by now…I’ve lived here most of my life.

Whoa Nelly! What a lovely sweater in a beautiful, soft yarn. Yes, pills are a bane but it’s so hard to resist this weight of single ply. Can’t wait to see this latest finished sweater.

Another gorgeous project. I love gray and this is perfect.:muah:

Absolutely beautiful! Hooray for stash! Hope to see final version!

:passedout: cables are my nemesis!

:notworthy: You are the queen!!!

Thanks Moni Dew!

I really like the cables and texture on Nell. The pattern calls for cabled sleeves, too…but quite a few Rav knitters aren’t, saying.the cabled sleeves make the ‘look’ too much like a bear. I dunno. I like both sleeves, the plain textured sleeve and the textured sleeve with cables.

I don’t know what to think…except that my arms aren’t pencils. So maybe a plain.sleeve is best.

I don’t know how the plain sleeve knitters modified the stitch counts. Usually, a cable needs more stitches to acquire the same width as a plain sleeve.

I’m at a loss…

A lot of Nell knitters did theirs a couple years ago, when the book came out. It’s hard to remember what you did two years ago. I hate to trouble anyone…:pout:

lol Ok I am getting really jealous now. You have done so much!