WIP: The Drops Alaska Cabled Coat

Hi! :waving:

Drops Alaska 109-3 Cabled Jacket!

It’s a hoodie! And it’s also Free!

This one’s gonna take me a while! I’ve casted on, and have about 5" done. The FRONTS and BACK are knit all one 32" or 40" circular needle. I go back 'n forth between the 32" and the 40". The stitches are more crammed on the 32" but easier to ‘queue’ on the left-hand needle. The 40" allows the knitting to spread out more. Click here to read my Rav notes if you’d like. I’m totally OCD I think.

A Rav knitting buddy will join me soon, but for now, being a young mother of 3, she’s busy busy busy with family obligations, and she’s finishing up our Miss BB. We’ve knit the TWIST, CASSIDY, CALLUNA, CLASICA, BETTNA andMISS BB together.

I’m using City Tweed HW (Romance Red) for my Drops ALASKA:

My swatch:

[B]Nov 26th: [/B]here’s a progress photo!

You always choose the classiest patterns. This one will be gorgeous in that red tweed. Is this one for you or one of your daughters?

Hi Slim!

Thanks for your kind words!

No, the Alaska isn’t for either of my daughters.
Maureen doesn’t ever wear red, and Lauralee rarely wears red!

This one is for MOI! :happydance:

The is the lower body, left front. Out of the photo are the remaining of the 292 stitches crammed on this ‘short’ 32" circ!

That’s going to be gorgeous! [COLOR=Red]Red[/COLOR] is my favorite color!

Mmm, love red, love cables! Going to be great!

gorgeous!! I love the red too! I was gonna ask if this one for you … you’re gonna love it!

It’s going to be gorgeous!!

It already IS gorgeous so far!

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the things you knit. You are truly an amazing knitter!

I’m done with the lower body! :happydance:

Am knitting the sleeves while hubby is in the hospital for a total (left side) hip replacement. Too much tree climbing and mountaineering in his past I think!

What would we do without knitting when stuck in hospital waiting rooms??!!
My bags are packed. His bags are packed. We leave at 5am tomorrow!

Special thoughts and prayers for successful surgery and an uneventful recovery for your hubby!

Love the color of that yarn! The jacket is going to be eye-poppin’ gorgeous!!!


As usual, your knitting is absolutely gorgeous. What amazes me is how nice your cables look. I did a cable scarf last winter, and there are holes where the cables are. I was told here that that’s common and all that, but I’m wondering how your knitting is so perfect!?!


All of your knitting is gorgeous. Don’t know how you do all of it. Do you live at Nighthawk Summit? It’s beautiful. Hope your DH surgery goes well.

No, we don’t live on Nighthawk Summit. Six feet of snow by now…and very narrow, primitive roads wind up to the 4300 ft elevation! We spend as much time as possible during Spring-Summer, and part of Fall! Eventually, we will sell our city home, and buy a modest home at the base of the mountain. Will spend half our week up there, half the week down there, and ALL of the snowy season ‘down there’! :wink:

Hey there Ronda! :waving:

Here is a great article about tension issues…and it also addresses neat looking cables, without that hole you were mentioning! I printed this article and keep it for reference!

Ooooooo! I want to be you.

Re your lovely choice of yarn and pattern: great and inspiring!

Can’t wait to see the FO!! Red is my favoritist color :heart:

Gorgeous pattern. Your work in progress looks great. I know you are the great blocker, but this looks like it doesn’t even need blocking (to even anything out). Love the red tweed.

I’ve admired the beautiful sweaters you knit and am wondering how you care for them. Any special method or product you use to wash them? Thanks.
Looks like another beautiful one on the needles. :happydance: