WIP - Textured Windows Scarf

As many of you may remember I’m extremely sensitive to wool. I can knit with it fine, but anything on my neck, chest and shoulders is itchy…yes, even malabrigo. ~sigh~ Anyway, the manager at my LYS brought some new yarn over and asked me to feel it. As usual it felt soft to my hands and cheek, but the “chest test” is the important one… It wasn’t bad at first try so I bought a couple skeins to try. OMG! I think this is one I can finally tolerate! Of course I haven’t given it a long afternoon test, but really think I can deal with this! It’s so incredibly soft and so nice to knit with! :inlove: It’s called Lecheand is by Queensland Collection. I’m using the pink for this scarf.

So here you go. No pattern yet, but I’ll write it up when I’m done if anyone is interested. It’s very fast and easy.

Congrats on the find! What a lovely scarf too! I love the texture!!

I really like your pattern. Very different from the scarf patterns I have seen.

If we’re interested?..so, that’s a joke…right? Have you ever known this group to not be interested in a new pattern:rofl:

Looks like it’s going to be very pretty! :slight_smile:

its beautiful

Looks wonderful and i’m glad to hear to found yarn you can wear :woohoo:

The yarn looks so soft! Great pattern!!! :yay: :yay:

Awesome! Glad you may have found a wool you can tolerate! and the pattern is unique!! Great job!

:yay: That’s awesome Jan!! Love the color and the pattern! Keeping Crossed Fingers Crossed Fingers that this passes the “time” test!!

Jan, this is really pretty. Hope it’s as comfortable for you as it is pretty!

Oh, wonderful Jan! So happy to hear that you’ve found your IT yarn! It has a great fiber content! Some merino, some silk, some others! Yay! And, the nice thing is IT’S A QUALITY YARN!

Reading to the end of thread and no pattern yet! :roll:

Are you a knitter or not? :slight_smile:

Oh. Well, the obvious answer could explain why you are still knitting and not posting a pattern?

Jack… :roflhard:

I need to buy another skein or two and finish the scarf up THEN I’ll write the pattern. It’s fast so should be soon. :thumbsup:

I immediately recognized [I]Leche[/I] as the Spanish word for milk. :zombie: So, I went looking about and found a few brands of yarn that contain milk. Does it feel wet? I hope it doesn’t sour. :ick:

Check it out at www.cyarn.com/products/fiber/fiber_036.html they say “milk protein fiber is healthy for skin” and even suggest “it can also be used to create top-grade underwear, shirts, T shirts, loungewear, etc.”

I don’t suppose it matters that I am lactose intolerant? :lol:

:roflhard: I’m lactose intolerant as well and so far so good. No sour smell either.


I TOOOOOOO want the pattern :happydance:

Very pretty! Looks soft and warm. Glad you found a wool you can wear.

Thank you everyone! You’re good for the ego. :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to pick up more yarn till Friday so I’ll see about writing it up this weekend. :thumbsup:

I have the same problem with wool. In fact, I purchased some beautiful Inca Alpaca spice/sage green yarns for a scarf I am half way done with. I never thought to check how it would feel against my chest and throat, as it was so so soft to the touch and didn’t feel scratchy to my arms even. Well, I tested it last night and realized that I will not be able to use this scarf at all.
Any thoughts on what to do with it? None of my friends wear these colors or else have wool issues too.