WIP: Textured Plaid Blanket

This is my first big project.

The guy that sits behind me at work announced that he and his wife were going to have a baby at the end of December. My Mom & I sat down and started going through patterns to find one that would be simple enough for me to start on. At the rate I’m going, she may have to do the sweater, hat, & booties that go with this blanket. I just finished tinking another row for the umpteenth time. I’ve found that with this pattern you HAVE to pay close attention to what you are doing, or you will repeat your stitches. It’s not very big, maybe 2ft wide. I took two pics so that you could see the pattern better. I’m really pleased with how it is turning out, I just get so frustrated when I mess up. I was starting to think that this was more advanced than I was ready for, but I’ve been “informed” that I just need to relax…it doesn’t have to be perfect;) I’m just getting started…I still have another 12 rows of pattern and then I have to close the border.

Well, here it is…Thanks for helping me resize Mason;)

that’s super cute! Is that a free pattern? If so I’d love to see it.

No, I wish it was. It is a pattern that my Mom has had for a while. It is from Nomis Yarn Company Volume 63, style #5.

Cute blanket, but does look like something you’d have to really keep track of!

So cute. You are doing a wonderful job!!

It is going to look great.

Beautiful! Keep goin’ you’re doin’ GREAT:yay:

Very pretty!!! :happydance:

It is just lovely!

wow, thats really pretty! It’s gonna look great. Lucky baby!:thumbsup:

It looks amazing! Honestly, you’ll get great practice with that blanket. Making a big project really gets you used to a pattern. Keep up the good work!

It’s looking great! Think how awesome you’ll feel when you finish it! It will make a lovely present.

Lovely baby girl pink. The pattern stitch looks like one that will produce a blankie that holds in the heat nicely. Your’re doing a real good job. You say there is a sweater, hat, and booties to match? If you get that all done (even with Mom’s help) you will have a fantastic gift, even the blankie alone would be a nice thing to receive.

It looks like you are doing great. A blanket was the first thing I knitted and taught me a lot.