WIP - Test Driving My Drumsticks!

I’ve probably mentioned the fact that I’m embarking an a mission project to benefit a girls’ orphanage in Belize. My major funding will come from the sale of my “Knitsticks,” which are funky knitting needles made from used drumsticks. This has been the most incredible journey, I must say. I’ve had donations of used, beaten up sticks from local drummers as well as a nice donation of “untipped seconds” from a big stick manufacturer in MA. Turning them into knitting needles has been a learning process, and I’m still perfecting the technique.

With that said, I finally had a set ready to try out last weekend. These sticks were given to me by Gary, one of the drummers in my church’s worship band. These sticks had so many bruises and dings and it took a while but I finally got them smooth.

I used some Paton’s SWS yarn to test them with because this yarn is sooooooooooo fibrous and would be most likely to catch on anything. Man! The yarn flows smoothly off these sticks and I’m soooooo psyched!:woot:

So, here’s the “Drumstick Scarf” in progress. A simple 7 stitch CO, 4 rows K, then 1 row where I did a YO and then dropped the YO on the next row.

I’ve discovered that I think the sticks need to be shorter (they’re 14 inches right now). Also, I had these awesome glass “cymbals” on the ends but that didn’t work either. I think I’m going to attached a couple of little dangles to each stick, just for fun, and call it done. I’ve obsessed enough!

The sizing is around a 17 for these sticks but it isn’t exact, so these sticks would be used when you needed a big needle but don’t necessarily have to worry about gauge.

Any thoughts or advice on how short you think I should make these? 10", 12"?

Gosh, I’m babbling…:waving:

I don’t know what the best length would be, but the scarf is sure pretty! Great job on the charity project, too.

:woot:OH MY GOODNESS THOSE ARE THE COOLEST!!! :notworthy::muah:

I have absolutely no advice… that’s just a cool idea.

What an awesome idea!

I’ve got to try making a pair, very resourceful!

Good luck to you raising the funds :slight_smile:

Hi’ya Leslie! :waving:

[B][COLOR=blue]Wonderful work! [/COLOR][/B]

Re: how long should they be? Well, 14" is the standard for straight knitting needles…so that seems good to me.

However, if they will be used by little kids…10-12" would be good, too. Maybe even better.

But, they will knit with whatever length they get their little hands on…and won’t know the diff.

What a wonderful, worthwhile project! Kudos! :thumbsup:

I wasn’t sure whether you meant cutting some off or making the needles thinner. If you want them short you’d literally saw off the end and use sandpaper gradings to make a rounded end without rough sections or edges.
Great way to find a new life for an item.

Oh… I didn’t answer properly. For adults the length looks pretty good actually.

Question, from a drummer/knitter…

You said you were looking for used sticks? Are you sanding them down? I know after a couple of well place rim shots, the dents in the sticks would snag yarn.

Too bad I don’t go through my sticks more quickly…I’d donate…

Have you thought about tympani and xylophone mallets? They would give you different “needle” sizes AND the big ball head would give you a nice “end” to your needle…

Great idea! You get an A for originality and for recycling, and an Excellent for the charity work!!