WIP 'tangy' tulip toes

Grr. I’m (trying to!) knit these for a friend who’s expecting:

I’m finding them really fiddly :wall:

I’ve just looked at the close-up photo on the pattern and discovered I’ve made a mistake ages ago, so looks like I’ll be :frog:


Those’ll be so cute when you’re done!

Those are adorable…sorry about the frogging…

I :heart: that pattern – they are sooo cute! Sorry about the frogging, but they’ll be gorgeous when your’re done.

What colors are you using?

I’m using Peridot and Pink-a-boo, so a slightly lighter scheme than the pattern picture…

I also have a pattern for a ‘petal’ hat, which I’m hoping will kind of match the booties http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/babypetalhat.htm