WIP Sweet Pea Baby Sacque

I’m currently working on the Baby Sacque from Knitting at Knoon knit with Caron Simply Soft on size 6 needles.
I was quite pleased with how it was going until i went to put the second shoulder together. It looks like I must have knitted tighter on one of the shoulder extensions because one overlaps more than the other. I don’t really want to frog it either. I’ll probably just leave it the way that it is and hope nobody calls me out on it. :frowning:
But anyway, i think it’s getting put on hold. This was for a friend who is having her baby in September and I’ve recently decided that it would just be too warm so i’m going to save this for my sister (due in November) and make a new one with thinner yarn for the friend.
Here’s some pics. Fyi: i haven’t sewn up the armpit or arm seams yet.

Looking great so far - I love that color!

Thanks! Someone told me the color was too boring for a baby, but I figured it was a truly neutral color.

I love the colour - not boring at all!

:smiley: Lovely! Your sister will love it :thumbsup:

same thing happened to me!!! i thought it was just me but i guess its the pattern. looks good though. :thumbsup:

Nonsense, it looks great, and it won’t clash with any of the hats or booties or anything.

It looks great!

Cute!! I haven’t seen a baby sacque on here before - I’ll have to add that to my pattern collection. My daughter stayed warm and toasty in her store-bought sacques. Now, I’ll have to try knitting one (or more!) for future babies.

I love the color; although I often use traditional pastels for babies, I’m trying to do more adventurous things, too (hence, an upcoming cardi for a baby girl in fire-engine red).

Good job! :smiley:

beautiful knitting and the colors perfect i think!

Looks great!!

So cute! Makes me wanna have another baby…well no not really, just dreaming about how fun it was to snuggle little baby in cute little warm things and kiss em all over…sigh…