WIP: Super Easy Scarf

I took a break from my Dark Mark scarf and decided to work on my Super Easy scarf some more!

Super Bulky yarn on size 15 needles in Garter Stitch!

The size 15 needles seem HUGE since I have been working with size 7 on my other scarf!

that is really pretty. what yarn are you using?

Red Heart Light & Lofty “Cape Cod”, a super soft acrylic.

(My yarn selection is pretty much limited to Wal-Mart.)

ah me too. Lucky acrylics are becoming softer and softer right? Tho recently mine started carrying a fairly soft 100% wool yarn I wanna try.

Very nice colour yarn.

Amy, that is a pretty scarf! I used that type of yarn (don’t remember the name of the color) on my first-ever scarf and it remains my favorite to this day. It is SO soft and snuggly!! Also reminds me of when I first started knitting which wasn’t so long ago. :lol:

Incidentally, I am a recent transplant to Tucson. Just waiting for the monsoon to start. :shrug: Have you gotten any rain lately??