WIP- "Sundress" knit.1 summer '07

Pattern is “Sundress” from knit.1 magazine Summer '07
Yarn is Lion Brand Microspun color #158 Buttercup

I’ve been looking for a sarong or similar to make for my sister for about a year now. I was so excited when I saw this in the magazine. She goes to Mexico and the beach a lot so I hope she will use this. After a 5 month lay-off from knitting (due to a insane work schedule) I’m happy to have a new project on the needles!

I’ve made just one minor adjustment to the pattern. I added one more knit row before the decreases on the bottom hem. I was hoping it would add to the wavyness of the edge. It looks like it worked great. Thanks to those of you who helped with my rusty pattern reading skills!

That’s really pretty!

Lovely. I would be thrilled if I was your sister. If she’s not thrilled, you could always adopt me! :slight_smile:

that’s a great color I love it

:inlove: It’s gonna be wonderful.

LOVE the stitch pattern (what is the woven/mesh/lattice?) and the color! Lucky sister. :slight_smile:

Former MN. One of my bros used to live in Plymouth.

That is just gorgeous!

Thanks ladies and/or gents!

It’s coming along pretty fast now. The mesh pattern is just yo’s and k2tog’s alternated every 3rd row. I know people complain about this yarn, but it really isn’t bad at all. I’m using size 5 Denise needles. To avoid the yarn splitting, just use a dull tip needle like a bamboo or a Denise. For $20 bucks my sister will get a fun little swimsuit cover-up for her birthday. You just can’t beat that price!

great color

That is really pretty - I love the pattern stitch!:heart:

Very nice! I am sure your sister will love it!

It’s gorgeous!! I :heart: the color - your sister is a very lucky gal!

Yellow is a very sunny colour. Good choice of wearing it to the beach. Love the colour.

I have been wanting to knit a wrap skirt for DD, to wrap around over her ballet attire. Tks 4 sharing, look great for a little girl too.