WIP Sugar Plum Sundress

Here`s what I have been [B]TRYING[/B] to knit the last week. Note that I said trying because Little Mister Boots has to learn that knitting is NOT a toy for him!

This is the dress part of my DGD`s sundress for her birthday in May. It is made from Bernat Cottontots. The colourways are Very Berry (verigated) and Strawberry (solid). I did the picot edge on the bottom of it just to dress it up a wee bit.

Anyways, here is the dress, without the straps! The solid colour on the bottom of the dress is the colour the straps will be and the colour of the bolero (when it`s all done). Then I will make her one the same only half the length and she can use it as a sun top with the blue jean mini-skort we got her. The sun top will be pale lavendar and pale pink stripes.

How cute and I love the colors! I’ve just started one for Maddi while she’s napping!

That came out really great! Congrats! The color is really nice too.

Looking good Christine. I like the idea of a short one to wear as a top with shorts.

Very cute and I love the colors of the yarn!! :happydance:

That’s beautiful! I just love the edging too! Picot is something that I just cannot seem to do well. Your’s looks lovely.

P.S. My dogs still love my yarn…so I don’t know if there’s much hope there… :teehee:

Very pretty…Is that a new puppy in your picture?

Yes, it sure is. He is 8 weeks old and his name is boots!

It looks great so far :thumbsup: Lovely colors, i like it :inlove: