WIP: stitch comparison!

Hey all! Have been a lurker, but am finally contributing. Thought it was so interesting to compare 2 different stitches in the same yarn. I’m frogging an old one to make a new one - MANLY was very important to my friend! Same guy who actually GAVE BACK the first one I made for him b/c it was too FUZZY. (He’s VERY honest.) Don’t worry, he was reluctant to hand over the old one, until I promised it would come back new and improved.

Scarf on the left was f/2 yrs ago, when I only knew garter stitch - one on the left is WIP: blanket moss stitch. Very interesting, nubby stitch pattern, and the scarf is now a bit stiffer in feel, not as supple, but warmer (he’ll need that as he’s moved f/NC to NYC). What I found fascinating is that the new one has a much more heathered appearance (can y’all see it?), so besides the nubbiness it has great depth of color now as well.

Will be making a cap as well, but not sure if it’ll be in blanket moss stitch - maybe a little TOO nubby, might try plain moss or seed stitch to complement.

Thanks for all the input on these threads! This site and threads have helped me out IMMENSELY, being the only knitter I know…

~Jude :waving:

I love the way the colors look in the blanket moss stitch! It is nice to see the comparison!

Funny, the colors are richer than in the photo, but are much deeper and dimensional in blanket moss st than garter. It’s not too often I see a comparison of sts in the same yarn, so glad you appreciated the experiment, snowangel!

For anyone who’s interested and can’t find the blanket moss st pattern:

Cast on multiple of 2 sts + 1
Row 1: knit into front and back of each st (thus doubling # of sts)
Row 2: K2tog, P2tog, K2tog; rep f/ to end (original # sts restored)
Row 3: rep Row 1.
Row 4: P2tog, K2tog, P2tog; rep f/ to end.
Rep these 4 rows.

This st is not the same on the reverse, although it’s still attractive.

And something I found helpful (for those semi-mindless projects where you don’t want to keep looking at a pattern): when at the end of a increase row, pay attention to the LAST st you’re doubling, as that kind (knit or purl) will be same as the FIRST on the decrease row. This has helped me put away the pattern and walk away f/my project w/o fear.

[color=green]I like the blanket moss stitch. I just might try a scarf like that myself. I have done a scarf in just the regular seed stitch. I like the nubby-ness of the seed stitch compared to the garter stitch.[/color]

I love the look of that blanket moss stitch in your scarf, Nuknitter!

How do you do that? I have been trying moss stitch as follows – is it the same as what you call blanket moss?

Row 1 k1 p1 continue, ending with k1
Row 2 p1 k1 continue, ending with p1
Row 3 same as row 2
Row 4 same as Row 1


Thanks for any hints – I’m a beginner…

Ooops! :wall: I’m sorry, I see you have already given the instructions for blanket moss. Blonde moment…
Thanks for doing that!

No worries, Lynnea - even tho’ I’m Asian, I have plenty of blonde moments myself :wink: :rofl:

The blanket moss stitch has bigger “nubs” (love that word :wink: than regular moss stitch, so keep that in mind - am loving it, and hope my friend will too!

The different stitch really transformed the look of that scarf. I’m sure he’ll like it!

Thanks, nu! I absolutely love the look of that stitch - gives it such depth and texture. Will try it.

That’s funny about the blonde thing. Three close friends of mine in Japan refer to one of the trio as “The Blonde” - she just smiles and agrees that’s just the way she is.

As a beginning knitter, I have more blonde moments than I care to, however! But it’s getting better… thank goodness for the lifelines that I insert every 10 rows or so. Just seeing them there gives me more confidence that I won’t have to frog out the whole thing!