WIP Stash Buster Sweater

OK, I’ve got a start on this sweater. I’m just working with whatever colors I have on hand. It’s promising to be a very ugly sweater :rofl:

It’s not ugly so far!

Have to agree with Cyndi-- Not ugly so far. Actually, very nice combination of colors so far! Whatever it is, it will be unique — just like you!

The colors are working very nicely with each other so far! :slight_smile:

I love the colour combination so far Mason . It is looking great :slight_smile:

It is looking good. However it turns out, you know that it will be unique. Great idea to use up all the stash yarns.

As long as you don’t throw any hot pink in there it should be great!:happydance:

I now have all of the colors in it that I plan to use.

Ugly?! No way, those colors look gorgeous together! Good job on the turtleneck, too!

Looks good! Very autumnal!

I’m a huge fan of stashbuster projects. With my recycled yarns …and varying quantities… it’s always a challenge to calc how much of ‘whatever’ I have to work a certain area. If I want X rows of a certain color/yarn in diff places (sleeves and the body) don’t want to end up short in one of those.

Certainly doesn’t look anywhere near the realm of ugly to me. Beautiful autumn colors there.

Your colors look great together, this sweater will certainly be anything but ugly. Nope, no way.

Oh, those colors work great together! It looks very masculine. I like the brown at the neck. Can’t wait to see you model it!

Man, you’re fast!

You’re on a roll with the top down sweaters. Colors look good. A little hot pink wouldn’t spoil it, but it looks more masculine without it. :slight_smile: What size is this going to be? I can’t really tell, but it looks smaller than your size.

I could hug a sweater like that!:teehee:

That’s such a great idea, and the colors are very autumn like! It’ll be a nice alternative.

It’s my size, XXL. It probably looks smaller because of the shot angle (trying to catch the natural light through the window) and the stage of the knitting. It’s a little less than half way through the raglan increases at the point I shot the second pic.

Being scrunched up on the cable also makes it look smaller.

Looking good. I’m amazed you don’t use a pattern. I am not that creative, more of a copy cat!!

That looks great!! Love the colors together, they look perfect for a fall sweater. Definitely nowhere close to UGLY :teehee:

I can’t wait to see it finished. I’m curious to find out how long it takes, as I want to knit a sweater for DH and he’s an XXL too…I’ve got “fraid-to-start-itis” for fear it’ll take forever :stuck_out_tongue: