WIP: son's 1st birthday present

I have been working on this blanket for 2 months now! Its going to be my son’s 1st birthday present (dec 20th)

its crochet (I know its not knitting, but I am proud of how its coming along!!)

There is going to be one more panel on this section (the 2nd bluish color, the whole height of the section beside the checker board part), and than the whole pattern is going to repeat 2 more times (colors in a different order).

anywho, here it is!!

Looks great so far! What nice, bright colors - perfect for a little boy! :thumbsup:

It looks great! It’ll be perfect for a toddler!

I love the bright, bright colors! He’ll love it!

I totally love the colors! :heart: What an adorable blankie!


Great blanket!!! The colors are wonderful, nice and bright!:yay: :yay:

Gr8 work n its colors matching

Wow, very bright and pretty!

looks great…i wish i could crochet

He’ll love it! Great job!

Oh wow! I love the purity of the primary colors you’re working with! Great color combo! Great work!

this is my first crochet project! i made myself a “scarf” just teaching myself different stitches and how to crochet,… but besides that this is it!

Looking great! I love the bright colors :thumbsup:

Your son will be first in his class at Preschool! Knowing his colors and loving the blanket his mommy made just for him.

Enjoy your crochet. I, too, love to crochet and of course knit.