WIP: Sock - Athena

Happy New Year Everybody!
I love knitting ‘2-at-a-time-Socks’ and I always have an on-going project because I don’t want to forget how to do it. This yarn has been ripped out from a previous sock project (2 years in progress). I had ripped out other areas many times over until I got to the sole portion then I realized the leg portion was too tight. So I started a new pattern this time with the same yarn. A while back I posted a “How-to” question regarding this pattern and thanks for all your help, I understand it better and on my way of knitting it.
I’m packing to go on a trip starting tomorrow. I’m taking this project and two other projects (a cowl and a shawl) with me so I will have something to do during sea days on a cruise ship.
I really appreciate this forum and all the expert help I get whenever I needed. :heart:
~ Quik

These are going to be beautiful. It’s such a lovely, intricate pattern and the yarn colors are very pretty. Have fun on the cruise! Sounds like you’ve got the kntting taken care of.

Those socks are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them finished.

Love those beautiful sock tops! You really must post a photo when they’re done. Bon voyage!

They are great looking. We just came back from a cruise last week in September and I took a whole bag of knitting. It is a great place to sit and knit and so many lovely places to sit too! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Oh great to hear someone else does it too. I thought I was the only nut that takes knitting on a cruise.
This afternoon we came back from a New Year Day bicycle ride. It felt good to be outside after all that snow we had since day after Christmas. With the trail cleared out (by hubby) we were able to ride without any incident.
:heart: ~ Quik

Wonderful yarn! Weeee!

Hi Everyone,
I finished the socks for a couple weeks now. I had to wait to model it because my legs are peeling from sun tanned. In the picture I’m wearing two layers of hose to keep from showing in the picture.
I really had fun knitting these socks and I think they look pretty good. The yarn aren’t anything special. Bernat Sox: 60% Acrylic & 40% Nylon so they’ll be machine washable and dryable. Easy to take care.
Now I have to decide on another pair to start. :woot:
:heart: ~ Quik

Beautiful! Bet your feet are happy. :happydance: You did great.

Very nice job they look great. I had to laugh though as I didn’t enlarge the photo and I thought, “Wow, she really got a suntan!” lolololol They look fabooo! :inlove:

Lovely socks! Now get that hose off before it strangle-ates you! (That’s my feelings about hose at any rate!)

I like both the pattern and the yarn. Good job, and glad you enjoyed your cruise!

Very, very pretty socks; you did a great job!


So well done!!!


These socks were donated to a fund-raiser this morning. It was a silent auction and it raised $27:) . I’m very happy about it because it’s a very good cause. Another reason why I was wearing hose when I model it. :slight_smile: I didn’t want to get them dirty after I washed them.
Anyway, I still have some yarn left so I’m going to knit a pair of child socks (I hope I have enough). I’ll post pic when done.
Once again, I really appreciate your encouragements and enjoy your friendships.
:heart: ~ Quik

That’s great! It’s nice to know someone appreciates handmade knitted socks.
If you’re not sure you have enough yarn, do you have something that would coordinate and make the heels and toes a different color? If you’re doing toe-up, you can make the cuff whatever length you have enough yarn for. This might be a good reason for an afterthought heel, you can decide later if you want a different yarn for the heel.

So glad your socks brought in some money for the fundraiser. People bidding on and paying for your hard work like that makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

gorgeous! great job!

Those are absolutely beautiful - I am in awe!!! My oldest son is a sock junkie and I’d love to knit him a pair or two but everytime I think about attempting it I chicken out. Is it really as difficult as it looks?

Congratulations on getting through the ripping out and restarts - I admire your tenacity :yay:

One of knittings best-kept secrets is that socks really aren’t that difficult (if I can do them, anyone can.) If you want to try your hand at it, I’d suggest Silver’s Sock Class or Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed for starters. Make up a pair in worsted weight yarn to see how everything works, then do whatever you want. There are videos galore to help with heels and toes.