WIP Snuggles

I have been having trouble becoming inspired to make something, well that and the lack of $ in my wallet! :teehee: All I had on hand was some RedHeart red and green worsted and size 15 needles so I decided to make a Snuggle. The pattern calls for size 10 needles but I figured what the hay! Too easy but I feel good making it, I found it on the Hugs for Homeless Animals website and alls it is is knit only knitting a bed for cats. This is what I have after one day

Hopefully I am going to get the materials needed for a booda bag and a First Cable Afghan. :cheering:

Good goin’!

Looking good…that’s one lucky kitty :cheering:

“… all it is is knit stitch and it is for bed. …” What the Hay!
Don’t sell yourself so short! Good for you for making something warm and fuzzy for a homeless animal… It looks good… Good for you for knitting up some TLC… for the our little friends…
:muah: : :muah:


It’s looking great so far. It’s great to meet a fellow animal lover, and there seem to be many of us on this site.