WIP: Sleevless Turtleneck Sweater

Four days ago I started my first sleeveless sweater. I’m making the pattern up as I go. I’m using my Denise kit to make 24" size 8 & size 9 circular needles. The whole piece is being worked in the round so no seams.

I’m using Bernat Berella “4” yarn in “Dark Oxford” gray. It was on sale at Michaels for $1.50 a skein so I snatched up the only three skeins they had left in this color. (I would have snatched up more but they were sold out.)

At this point I’m at the bottom of my bust (worked from the bottom up) and just now finishing one skein so I might have more than one skein left over when I’m finished… So I’m thinking of adding little cap sleeves or even making a little one-skein shrug to match the sleeveless turtleneck… What do you all think?

Thanks in advance! :knitting:

What a pretty color! It’s looking great! As for sleeves that might depend on how much yarn you have.

Thanks, Jan! One skein of this yarn = 195 yard/3.5 oz. I’ll have a little more than 1 skein left over. Do you think that will be enough yarn for short/cap sleeves or a little short sleeved shrug?


:yay: Looking good!! I can’t wait to see it finished :thumbsup: