WIP: Simplest Shawl in Garter Stitch


I’ve done this pattern once before, with worsted weight Cascade wool…I decided to try it with the Angora yarn I bought off my friend. I have a whack of it in black… I might be completely insane lol.

Frogging it might be a problem as it usually is with the fuzzy yarns like mohair so take care. :thumbsup: Should be super soft!

That’ll be gorgeous. I’m working on the one with the SS inthe middle in a bulky. Can’t wait to see yours :yay:

Very nice! what a great idea…they must be easy to whip up in no time?..looks like the basic dishcloth pattern I’m currently knitting, only half of it.

btw this yarn is sooo uh skinny:

Garter stitch is so thick and cushy! I love it!

oops it’s alpaca

I forgot to say, I love the colors in the link you showed. Now you’re doing a second, black one? Black is the hardest color to me…can’t really see each stitch. G’luck!

I love the multicolours in that photo, too. Gorgeous.

I’m knitting on silver cable/circs (knitpicks options) so the black shows up fine, I think.

Black is hard for me, too. I have to have very good light to do it. Outdoors works fairly well if it’s nice out.