WIP: simple rug knit snuggle: TENSION PROBLEM?

Hi everybody!

Thanks for leaving feedback on my first FO, I really appreciate it. I am working on the project mentioned in the subject line, using size 8 needles and softy chunky acrylic from Bernat. I have attached two pictures of my WIP: the stockinette and the reverse stockinette. I have questions about my tension. On the reverse stockinette side, the rows seem grouped together with gaps between the groups. Is this normal?
On the stockinette side, the stockinette is raised up on what seems to be every other row. Is this normal or is my tension wonky? And if my tension is off/wonky, how do I fix it? I have not had this happen in my knitting experiments before–but I used different yarn. Any ideas?

Cat Mom

That does indicate some tension problems and is called “guttering”. You may want to play with pulling the yarn after you stitch to tighten it up. Maybe this yarn is more “slippery” on your needles than other yarns you have worked with??

It looks like there is a a problem with the YARN to me. Maybe it was manufactured incorrectly?

I think if it was a tension problem, it would not be so EVENLY spaced. :thinking:

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe one of your needles got switched to a bigger or smaller size by mistake? (I’ve done that myself before - picked up the wrong needle during a project.)

It could be that you knit tighter than you purl, or vice versa. If you purl loosely, then the st st on the front will look loose, or look tight if you purl tight. Take a look to see what stitch you’re doing for the looser ones. Maybe you need to use a smaller needle to purl? It’s not that unusual, I’ve read that people have had to do this before.

ITA with Ingrid, it looks to me like your either purling tighter than you’re knitting, or knitting tighter than your purling. If this is the case it would explain why the gathering is so even throughout the fabric.

On the other hand, I really like the effect. It looks almost like it is supposed to be that way!

Try giving it a good tug. It might even out a bit. :thinking:

I had a very similar (perhaps identical) problem until I figured out I was wrapping my purl stitches backward… :doh:

I add another vote for purling at a different tension than knitting. I used to do this too, but with practice it evened out. I still get stockinette like that when I try continental style knitting because purling is HARD that way!

Tug on it lengthwise and see if it helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions. I’ve tried pulling, and changing my tension and so far neither has worked. :wall: The one last thing I am going to try is using a needle 2 sizes smaller than the 8s I am using to see if that helps. But I am trying to not worry about it that much, as this is a pet blanket. :wink: I’ll let y’all know if they different size needles work.
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