WIP: Simple Cotton Pullover

I found a super-simple pullover pattern, with short, drop-shoulder sleeves, to use with some of my stash of cotton yarn. I’m thrilled with the way it’s taking shape. It feels great and it’s going so fast I think it will be finished in 3 weeks. :happydance: If it turns out well, I’ll make 3 more for Christmas presents.

Pretty colors – can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

Ooo, tell me about the felted clogs. (I might do a tennis vest for our son – there’s some beautiful white cotton in my stash that would be perfect.)

:happydance: Looking good, can’t wait to see it finished!

I’m almost finished with the back and it hasn’t put a dent in my huge cones of cotton yarn. :happydance: I will definitely be over here bragging when it’s finished, if it turns out as cute as it looks so far. :aww:

I absolutely love the colors in that yarn! And, it looks super soft too. :slight_smile:

Love the colors, too!

Thanks. It’s 2 strands – one is solid blue and smooth, the other is variegated and has a slight homespun texture to it. The combination was an accident. I just wanted to throw something together for myself to see if it would work for Christmas presents for next year. So far, it’s way exceeding expectations.

Ooo, it seems like everyone is felting or knitting socks. I absolutely must make time to learn both of those this year. :knitting: