WIP : Shoulder Shawl

Thought I would post my progress so far on the shawl I’m knitting for my SIL who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The pattern is here.

I’m using a wool called “Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran”. It’s a merino/silk/alpaca blend. I really like the way it looks.

It is knitting up very fast (on size US 17 needles - of course it’s going fast! LOL). I spread it out on the needles as much as possible (the writing pen is for perspective), but it already wants to be bigger than the needle (when spread out).

Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated!!


Well, a tip for future photos on a WIP…

Stop half-way through a row and spread your work across both needles THEN take your photo. This way you don’t accidentally loose any stitches. See, I know this because I’ve had some serious complications from trying to get a good photo of something big on just one needle. :oops:

Love the color - reminds me of coffee! Keep up the good work. I KNOW that this will be a cherished gift.

Angela :

Thanks for the tip. :oops: I was actually going to do that, but I only had a quick moment to snap the photo before chaos erupted at my house again. :doh:

Oh, that is so pretty! It looks so cozy and soft. I’m sure she’ll love it!

Nice looking shawl, Kay! Have you thought of using a circular needle for this? Probably a 30" long or so would be perfect and much easier than trying to keep them on the shorter straight needles.

I used to live in Wichita KS (when I was an Air Force brat) on McConnell AFB.

I hope your SIL has a full recovery soon ~ I’m sure she’ll appreciate the shawl!