WIP - Scarf

This is the scarf that never ends…yes it goes on and on my friend!!! Someone started knitting it almost one year ago today and they’ll continue knitting it forever just because this is the scarf that never ends… Anyone remember that song???

Sad but true…I started this project almost a year ago. And hadn’t knit for probably since January. And just picked it back up. Had to do a refresher youtube video of how to purl hahhahah. I was going all fine and well and tragedy struck!!! I messed up ONE stitch and then lost it. So I tried to fix it, had ended up messing up the pattern somehow, so where there were ridges, there were valleys and vice versa, midway through. So then I tried to rip back to before where the problem was and I couldn’t get the loops back on the needle corrently. And had to keep ripping back because that yarn is awful and sticks to itself.

So…long story short, I got the scissors out! :roflhard: And was that close to just cutting it off and starting over, and I tried ONE more time…and I think I got it figured out and started going again. It might not be perfect but it was better than starting over from scratch. So that entire pile of unraveled yarn was everything I had done and ripped out!! I was so upset.

Here is the pattern http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0422.html?noImages= But I’m using Aurora instead…and for some reason it looks pretty colored in person than in this pic… (oh and I also made it narrower than it calls for, I don’t like too wide of scarves)

Cute scarf! Just keep knitting!

Oh wow, that’s looks great! You have really persevered and are on the way to making a wonderful scarf. Good for you and keep at it.

Looks great so far!

BTW…I have a scarf/shawl that I’ve been working on for over a year. I keep it in my knitting bag and when I finish another project or need a fast one to grab and take with me that’s the one I grab. Most of us have multiple projects going. :thumbsup:

Thanks! Yeah I figured I’m in no hurry to finish it. I have multiple scarves, store bought or other quicker ones I’ve made…so its not like my neck will ever be chilly in cold weather hahahah.

I’m just glad I salvaged it, I was literally 30 seconds away from a SNIP SNIP, but thankfully I tried that one last time.

What is the best way to save something where you either dropped a stitch or made a mistake and have to rip back? Because pulling out the needle and trying to re-do the loops on the needle seems futile…and almost disaterous, so there’s got to be a better/safer way?

Using a lifeline will help when you have to rip back. When you have started a complicated pattern, knit the first row and set up the pattern once the pattern is set, take waxed dental floss and a needle and thread the floss through the eye of the needle. Then use the needle to run the lifeline trough the stitch but not through the yarn knit a few more rows of the pattern and do another lifeline. You can pull out the first lifeline and reuse it. To see how they are done google lifelines in knitting or go to Youtube and check out the videos for using a lifeline.

I posted this video about correcting mistakes to another thread the other day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVeUteBJEsI.

This might be a good way to fix your problems IF you can figure out which side of the stitches to pick up (I’d probably do a quick little swatch of a few pattern repeats, and then see if I could figure out on it which loops to put on the needle).

It’s a beautiful scarf–I hope you will finish it soon and post a final “I did it!” pic!

Oh I like the idea of the lifeline!!! Oh my goodness…that could have really helped me with the scarf fiasco hahahaha What a great idea…I will definitely do that with the scarf from now on.

Antares, I was kinda trying to do what you said, or showed in that video. However, I could NOT for the life of me figure out where to stick the needle hahaha. So having a string in there ahead of time would have definitely helped.

The ridge pattern stitch is very nice, and I think totally reversible! Great work!

“Keep on keepin on!” as the saying goes! :thumbsup: