Wip scarf


i seem to be obsessed with scarves these days. here’s another one i’m working on.
i love this yarn…the colors are beautiful and change without warning.
best thursday,

absolutly stunning.

the yarn is beautiful as well.


Very pretty! What kind of yarn is that?

Looks great! How do you have the patience for scarves???

the yarn is called Vero…this is color number 55. i found it unexpectedly at my LYS and can’t wait to buy more and knit more stuff with it!

That’s going to be a beautiful scarf! I love the yarn!

That is going to be one gorgeous scarf! :inlove: The colors are so rich! Wowsa!

:inlove: love the yarn!! It’s going to be very pretty :blooby:

Wow - gorgeous!!!

Wowza - what a gorgeous scarf - that yarn is to die for!!!

umm, i’ve been knitting for awhile, but amwondering what are cornbags? linknit41

Love the yarn color! Is it acrylic? Is that knit one purl one ribbing?

Well, they (cornbags) are not knitted, but they are sewn bags that contain field corn used as microwavable heating pads.

(they were for a fund-raiser)