WIP - Scarf (opinions desired, please!)

Hi all, I just picked up knitting about a month ago, been lurking here for weeks and completely over-utilizing the search function to find that nearly every question I’ve ever had has already been answered at least twice!

My first “thing” that I made started out as a really basic scarf until I started totally hating the yarn about two feet into it so I made the rest of it with a bunch of different stitch patterns just to practice them. So my first real FO was a felted mini-bag, and as a reward for finally actually felting it and then lining it, I treated myself to a few skeins of Manos to make scarves for me and my bf (plus he asked me to make him something and I want it to be really luxurious). I decided to go with the “my so-called scarf” stitch pattern because it’s not completely basic but also doesn’t require an 18 row repeat or anything frightening like that.

Anyway, he totally left it up to my judgment about color and pattern, but now I’m really worried about if it’s masculine enough, and I was hoping for opinions before I get too far into it. Also, I’m really tempted to rip it out and start over with extra stitches on each side for a cleaner border. I know it doesn’t show very well in the photo, sorry.

Can you guys tell me if you think this is going to be okay?

First of all, that yarn is just gorgeous!!! Your stitches are so nice and even!

I, personally, think it should be fine, if he doesn’t mind the lighter color. The gray is nice.

Welcome to KH! I look forward to seeing more projects since this one is already so pretty (can I say “pretty” about a guy’s scarf??).

I love the colors I think he will like it and the stitches are very even looks great!!

Thanks guys! :smiley:

He’s not like a super picky “I only like navy and charcoal” kind of guy, and I absolutely loooove this colorway so I think it’ll be ok. The edges and especially the cast on were bothering me enough that I unraveled it and restarted with an icord cast on and an icord-ish selvage which looks tons cleaner! I’ll have real pix when I finally finish! :yay:

I think it looks lovely…I would make it for my husband and he is a bit picky!!
You work is lovely and neat x

That’s the colorway I used to make my husband’s MSCS last year. He loves it and has worn it often. I understand your point about making the edges a little cleaner. If I were making this scarf again I would experiment with that. Yours is looking great, though. He’s gonna love it!

It really a nice mix. He can wear it with so many different color winter coats. I think doing the i-cord cast on was a smart way to go. I’d keep going and think there’s no reason to turn back.

Welcome to KH!

It looks wonderful and he is going to love it :happydance:

I think it looks fantastic! The colors are great, will go with jeans to khakis and all kinds of colors. Very nice work!


it’s gorgeous, more than just OKAY!! It’s really, really pretty-okay, I mean manly (really!) :teehee:

Seriously-my DH is very picky about colors (they have to be very much guy colors!) and I am certain he would like this. I think you made an excellent choice for both the yarn and the pattern. I say keep going!

great job! :thumbsup:

Welcome to KH.

I think your DBF is going to love this scarf (if he doesn’t you can always strangle him with it)! The colours are manly and versatile, the pattern is not “to fussy” for a man, the workmanship is fantastic! I think you have a winner here. Keep up the great work!

Andie - Great work…the stitches are super nice and even - it looks great! I am waiting for Manos that is on backorder to do the same scarf…can’t wait! :muah:

You are doing a great job on your scarf! I think the color is great for a guy.

I know how it is to second guess on a project. You are coming along fabulously!

Keep going and great job! :woohoo:

Your scarf looks beautiful. It should be a masterpiece when you are through.

What a great colorway, what does he say about it now?

BTW, welcome to Knitting Help! I’d say you’re off to a great start.