WIP: Scarf (first project)

This is the very first pattern my knitting teacher gave us. It’s reverse stockinette stitch chevrons:

I can see a lot of errors in it, but my oldest daughter won’t care! :heart:

That’s going to be very pretty!

Ohh very pretty!

Is the yarn you’re using Caron simply soft?

Wow, you are good!! :notworthy:

That looks very spiffy and I like the colours you chose :slight_smile:

I really like that pattern
its way cute

good job


Thats your first project?! wow its great id love to try that pattern it looks very funky - great colours too.

I’m in awe, those are great colours.

I have a book on cables (stitchionary II) but I haven’t dared to try yet. Perhaps it’d be different if I actually learned alongside someone, ie. class or one on one.

Gorgeous colors!! That looks really great!! :cheering:

Great job!!

GORGEOUS! You should be so proud!

WOW!! It looks great :cheering: :cheering: Great 1st project :thumbsup:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx