WIP. scarf and hat :)

hello there:muah:
i’m working a scarf and hat, the hat is still small because i’m working on the scarf more ofen :slight_smile:
specially that i always do this–>:frog:
i mean work then relise the stitches and start over:hair:
this is the scarf, but it’s more taller than this photo now :slight_smile:

and this is a close up moss

i’m working the hat on circular needles:flirt:

Very pretty colours!

thank u :slight_smile:
u know i always get lost in choosing colors, and choosing this was like WOHO for me!:aww::rofl:
i should be making pom poms when i finish the scarf:mrgreen:

I really like that color…very pretty!!! Great job & can’t wait to see the hat… :thumbsup:

thanks girls!:muah:
okay then, will photo the ha work and show it, hold on:wink:

i didn’t know how to photo it, i mean from which corner:rofl:
but, this is it so far cloud9

Very pretty! What kind of yarn is that. I love the color. You are doing a great job too.:yay::yay:

thank u:flirt:
well, i don’t know:shrug:
the big mistake i have done that i threw the label when i bought that yarn:passedout:, but i remember that the size of needels should be 5
this yarn is light and soft, u know, if u wear it at a snowy or cold day, it won’t b useful, and that fits with the waither here in Egypt:angelgrin:

Nice scarf. The moss stitch is working up beautifully.

I really like it too! :thumbsup:

I :heart: the colour!

ohh the hat is going to be really cute…it will be a really nice set…great job…:thumbsup:

Very pretty colors, and the edges are so nice and even!

Mama Bear

thank u all :hug:
well, i think i will re-work the hat, i don’t know there is a role that dosen’t to get straight i don’t know why or how this role is created:?? “in the left side of the hat”

hey Indygirl:muah:
today i went to buy another yarn of that wool i used to make my scarf, because i ran out of yarn, so as i bought a new one, i can tell u what kind of material is it, i don’t know if u r still interested:), it’s 100% acrylic

[COLOR=blue]Yes, I am still interested. What brand is it? I just love the color and the way it knits up.[/COLOR]

i’m not sure if u will find it there where u live:think:
it’s made in Egypt, this is the name

I like moss stitch, you are doing great!

Cute scarf. I like the colors! :slight_smile:

Very pretty…love the colors:cheering: